Another Story Of Courage Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer has affected life of many women and there would certainly be many women around who have been going through different treatments in order to defeat the disease but the real thing is how they are behaving, whether they are fighting it out courageously or they are ambiguous about their treatment and therefore about their life. The positivity and courage are the real weapons against breast cancer along with breast cancer awareness.

Paige More, who is an employee of the ABC news, got to know that she has the highest risk of getting breast cancer at a very young age of 22. She has decided to go for the double mastectomy. The positive gene mutation test made breast cancer inevitable so she had to take this decision.

“I was 22 when I took the BRCA test,” More told about her experience.

Doctor says that if someone is detected with positive BRCA1 gene the risk factors of getting the breast cancer can increase to 85 percent.

Paige More further revealed that her doctor told her that she is BRCA1 positive and her chances of having breast cancer are quite high. She also told that doctor discussed with her several strategies to cope with this predisposition gene. For Paige More two choices were there. One was the surveillance program in which she has to go through MRI’s and mammograms along with several visits to doctor from time to time.

“I really felt like it wasn’t surveillance and it was more just waiting to get cancer. I felt like every single day I looked in the mirror and I was, like, I am going to get cancer today. It just completely consumed me in a way that I would never felt before” More said while telling about experience of selecting any of the option.

The other option which she was comfortable with was preventative double mastectomy. Her doctor told her that it would be a very big decision and even after having positive BRCA1 gene, the chances of breast cancer are still low but she decided to go for it. She made this decision in order to get herself out of the fear and to get the feelings that she is cancer free. Personal satisfaction is indeed a very important factor and she didn’t want to miss this particular and most essential element.

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Her family was happy with her decision especially her mother. She told that how she felt her daughter’s pain and suffering but eventually she realized that what all she did was actually for protecting her life and more than that it was for her parents for whom she is everything.

After going through this preventive surgery she revealed that she felt as she has averted something she wasn’t really ready for but she get rid of anxiety as well and there couldn’t be anything more joyful than this.

The importance of breast cancer awareness also has got a place in more’s life. This story can enlighten many women who are hesitant in taking decisions. Do it for your life and happiness.



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