Breast Cancer In Pregnancy & What To Do?


Breast cancer in pregnancy is though rare but when women decide to have child after passing so many years of marriage. The most critical part is the risk of breast cancer raise as one woman gets older. Doctors have an opinion that the risk of breast cancer may increase in coming years because of the late pregnancies.

It is also evident that Breast cancer is found in about 1 in every 3,000 pregnant women and it is the most common one that is seen in women during pregnancy and it is further seen to be detected while breastfeeding or somehow within the first year of delivery. This sort of cancer has a peculiar name and is called gestational breast cancer or pregnancy-associated breast cancer (PABC).

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Detection of breast cancer during pregnancy…

In pregnancy the size and condition of breast rapidly change in willingness for breast feeding. The breast tissue becomes more impenetrable. Such situation makes it hard to find out the symptoms of breast cancer. The most common symptom of breast cancer is a lump. If you feel a change in your breast and that last till 2 to 4 weeks so shouldn’t waste more time and must consult any doctor so proper treatment could be initiated and stop it from spreading to the lymph nodes. This may be a partial process because of the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Because of pregnancy monthly menstrual cycles stops and the levels of estrogen and progesterone usually rise. Prolactin, a hormone that indicates that the breasts are ready for feeding now, also gets raised during pregnancy. These changes make further changes in breast tissue. In a result breast may become larger, uneven, and gentle. It is really difficult for a woman and even for a doctor to make out whether it is breast cancer or just few changes due to pregnancy.

There are many other reasons that make diagnose of breast cancer a difficult one during pregnancy. No such screening of breast can be done until a woman give birth to a child. It is compulsory for avoiding the effects on the pregnancy.    The breast tissues themselves become thick during pregnancy. So it is not easy to make out whether someone is having breast cancer or not during pregnancy through a mammogram. People usually get confused between the changes caused by pregnancy and the early symptoms of breast cancer. Obviously delay in diagnosing cancer can further create so many issues. So any change in the breast should be taken seriously. . If your doctor don’t suggest you mammogram, you may go for other testing procedures such as ultrasound or MRI. Make it confirmed through the procedures.

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Treatment that you requires…

What type of treatment would be suitable for you it all depends on the following…

  • The stage and type of your breast cancer
  • Your pregnancy duration
  • Your choice as well as of your family


Possible procedures or treatments…

There are few treatments that might be suggested after having a close look of the breast cancer type etc.

  • Surgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Other  treatments


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