Make breast cancer screening a routine affair

Some experts are of the view that a woman should not be bothered about breast cancer screening till she experience certain and particular situations in her life which they already have given, others may or certainly have  a different point of view in this regard. Those who say that screening should not be practiced before a certain time or in presence of certain conditions presents few points to emulate regarding breast screening.

  1. Old age itself a risk factor for breast cancer. They actually present a study that in 1940 this age factor was not as viral as today. In past only 1 woman in 20 could get into this disease whereas today this ratio has been elevated to 8 in 20 women.
  2. The effectiveness of this screening also depends on how often a woman goes through the screening procedure and obviously the quality of the test.
  3. Screening of breast is essential because those women already have gone through screening procedure in 2015; few of them have an advanced stage of cancer and the chances to die as well.
  4. Mammography is a personal decision of a woman along with the consultation of the doctor so when a woman feel or experience some signs she should better go through screening after the suggestion of the doctor.

Follow Some Suggestions:

  1. As you know your risk factors better so the decision of breast cancer screening should be yours. You don’t need to follow others in many cases and situations and this is one of them.
  2. In case you don’t have and apparent risk factors, family history of visible changes in breast, you must follow the age limitations of screening then and 40 is the age for this particular purpose.
  3. The high risk patients should go through screening every year or in some cases twice in a year.
  4. Menstrual cycle can’t be separated from this breast cancer phenomenon. Menopause has great effects on the breast cancer and when a woman reach to this stage in her life screening becomes more evident.
  5. Women should join the awareness sessions of breast cancer and also should get themselves registered for the screening program so when they need it they get to know it more clearly and timely.
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Breast cancer screening is not a treatment but part of the awareness campaign so don’t take it as you are going through some medical treatment and take it as part of the routine.



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