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We have heard a lot about breast cancer. How it happens?  What are the risk factors?  Treatments, procedures and many other related things. We alsoST-2 know awareness being a key factor to conquer breast cancer or any of the ailments. We always prefer those products that have been in use of anyone who is known to us. The same happens when you read about some event. You give more preference to the incidents or events which has had some real belongings and this is not to create any sort of embarrassment but to get an inspiration or some kind of lessons to follow.

We also want to provide a platform to all those who are either breast cancer survivors or those who have been working as supports being member of the family, any organization or at individual level. Whatever you will send would be very precious for us. Your stories would be a true inspiration for our readers and particularly for those who are fighting with this menace as a symbol of encouragement. Pen your thoughts and stories to us. We would love to share them with the world.

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