Courage Can Be Seen Right Here

Winston Churchill once said,  “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

This is indeed the very much right and practical statement which one can observe in his or her personal life. The element of courage becomes more evident when one has to fight with any life threatening disease like breast cancer. There would surely be many stories around you and there are many which we even don’t know about or have any acquaintance. These stories are not merely stories but have a very clear purpose and way of life hidden in them and others can emulate so to get more encouragement.

Shalana White Breast Cancer Survivor, The Lady Of Courage:

She was just 29, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Initially she came to know about abnormalities in her breast through a self-check, which is why the importance of Breast cancer self-examination device can’t be averted. White was confirmed with the disease when she visited the doctor. Chemotherapy, surgery and reconstruction were the treatment she was suggested with. Having such a disease and that too at a very young age of 29 can shatter anyone and same happened to Shalana white. She has gone through a treatment consist of 18 months and at the end of the whole treatment she was declared cancer free. Double mastectomy has given her the contentment that she will never get any acquaintance with breast cancer again in her life but it was just a dream. After one year of treatment she came to know about the recurrence of the cancer and its spread. Doctors told her that her breast cancer is spreading very quickly as it was found in her chest wall, sternum and neck as well. Being mother of 5, it was too painful to hear this all but she faced it with valor. She went through the intense treatment once again. She heard remission just two days before Christmas and there couldn’t be any gift more precious than this for her.

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Here is what all white said, “There is light at the end of the tunnel. Continue the fight, continue the journey. It’s not easy, but holds on”.

Two most important aspects can’t be neglected in this story. One is the element of hope and other is the need to have Breast cancer self-examination device for the self-examination which can further clear the condition. Whit’s pink hair tell that how much she is encouraged to fight out this menace along with telling others that hope is the only way forward.



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