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Sometimes when you intend to start something innovative and amazingly beneficial for others and the purpose behind this whole practice is not merely the promotion or financial gains but also to create affluence for others, then you certainly will have to face challenges. Breastlight™ also has faced the same kind of biased attitude from some particular source otherwise, things have been very much appreciable.

An article was published in the daily mail back in 2012. It was mentioned in the article that this device is a substitute to screening or mammograms which are totally wrong and it shows the lack of knowledge and more of a personal opinion of the writer otherwise one can clearly read on the website of the company that Breastlight is a self-examination device and not a substitute for mammograms. This is only one argument to clarify and dispel the false statements and there are much more to consider.

Let’s Have A Look:

A request was also filed by PWB Health UK regarding a change in the classification of the product and focus was on the device being considered as the self-examination tool and also the part of the breast health routine of  a woman.  There is no ambiguity in the statement as presented in the Article.

Another statement which was mentioned in the Article seems to be pretty awkward. It was written as, “More than 20,000 of the torches have been sold worldwide since they were launched in 2006”. This is quite ridiculous as the product was being launched in June 2008 as there were some legal constraints and after going through the procedure we were allowed for market representation. Now being a growing firm we have distributors in more than 70 countries.

The Counter Argument:

As we have discussed the distribution of Breastlight in several countries. Following the same trends, the product was being introduced in Canada through a distributor.

Unfortunately, the appointed distributor sold the product under the specification of the breast cancer diagnostic device whereas Breastlight aims to aware the women about breast health through self-examination in order to boost their self-esteem.

In 2010 we changed our distributors but again the newly hired ones presented this device as the early stage breast cancer device.

Probably they found it as the best advertising strategy or have focused on the market strategies at that time.

When we launched in Canada the regulatory authority (Health Canada) reviewed the Breastlight and the packaging and determined that the Breastlight was a Class 1 medical device but the advertising material has issued the stop sale notice to the product in the absence of adequate clinical evidence. They have not gone through the actual classification of the product being mentioned over the packing etc. and their analysis was more of an advertisement review.

PWB Health due to some financial constraints could not defend itself that time since then management has had work to settle the issues with the help of sufficing measures in this regard.

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Question Mark Over The Credibility:                           

We do not intend to something which is totally dispensable as our purpose is to focus on the wellbeing of the humanity. We are continuously working to evolve the situation without any vested interests but it is our right to defend our product and credibility. Daily mail is considered to be a newspaper that carries few journalistic names who promotes racism, referring to Wikipedia, “The paper has been criticised by doctors and scientists for its sensationalist reporting on medical subjects, by at least one of its former journalists as racist.

Daily Mail -- Wikipedia Screenshot

This isn’t one example of the biasedness. Many of the general public is also convened about this prejudice in the name of freedom of expression. Someone from the general public and resident of UK has posted on Quora about his personal experience and opinion about the said newspaper mentioning this paper as the source of spreading fear among the masses. The person has also referred to one of the Articles of the newspaper about cancer which was quite ambiguous as cure and causes of cancer were happened to be the same in the views of the Newspaper which is very unusual and even ridiculous.


The purpose of highlighting this point is to make them realise to revise their Editorial policy and to focus on objectivity.

Breastlight™ Under “limelight”:

Being a credible product Breastlight™ is on the voyage of success. This is a moment of proud for us and those who believed in the product. Breastlight™ has been given immense appreciation worldwide. It gained a presence in many of the magazines and other media sources and especially the social media. This presence is still there with all of its grandeur. People love to write about the product whether they are the direct beneficiary or some of their loved ones have experienced it. This is something we can say an extempore reaction and we are highly obliged.

For getting more information about this regard, apart from website and blog following links are here for your consideration.

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