Impact Of Physical Activities Over Breast Cancer Patients


It is the most relevant question by breast cancer patients or the attached people who are concerned about their loved ones.  Breast cancer screening will be first step towards awareness. One also has to be aware about the physical aspects and implementations of this disease.  Very hard physical activity is not possible after and during the treatment of breast cancer even. Tiredness and weakness is very much common. So don’t worry.  It also doesn’t mean to sit or lay all the time. You need to start with a very light physical activity. The treatment itself makes you tired.

Why physically active as a breast cancer patients?

Yes we need to understand this phenomenon. Physical activity is actually to give you feelings that you are a normal person like many others. Secondly it has so many good effects on your body.  In short physical activity for breast cancer patients have psychological as well as corporeal benefits.

  • Physical activity helps out to dispel some of the side effects of the cancer treatment like exhaustion, bulkiness and osteoporosis etc.
  • It is good for the overall health of your body generally. It can reduce risks of heart disease and don’t let breast cancer to develop again.
  • It uses to give you a feeling of relief. Reduce anxiety and depression. You start thinking in positive way.
  • During treatment you may feel muscular pain. Physical activity can reduce the stiffness of muscle and help you to return to the normal activities.
  • More importantly being active is the most amazing outcome of the physical activity.

What should I opt?

As we mentioned you need to start with the light physical activity that too slowly. You can make it fast after getting into it fully. For instance,

  • walking
  • cycling
  • hill walking
  • aerobics or swimming
  • gardening or domestic chore
  • Dancing

you can also take help from below video tutorial after consultation with  doctor

Few suggestions

As the awareness about breast cancer screening is spreading out it is gathering so many suggestions as well regarding the general aspects of treatment and post treatment scenario.  This actually shows the concern of the masses. When  breast cancer patients start the physical activity by walking, the patient should concentrate on muscle relaxing activities for at-least twice in a week.  It will help out to gain the strength of the muscles and this will help in overall health and condition of the body.

  • sitting to standing
  • crouches
  • press-ups against the wall
  • holding light weights, such as food tins or bottles of water
  • gardening
  • yoga or Pilates
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Physical activity during treatment

You need to select the physical activities very carefully during the treatment of breast cancer. Consult your doctor about everything you are doing or thinking to do. It also depends on the treatment you are going through like surgery has its own limitations. You can’t lift heavy things during the procedure.  Swimming might be prohibited for the patients who are going through chemotherapy, same in the radiography.

 Physical activity after treatment

After treatment a person usually re-tunes back to the routine activity like earlier. In few patients it may take time as the physical capacities of persons differ from each other. Don’t feel as inadequate. Take a new start and be breast cancer aware.  Remember the screening will lead you select something better for you.



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