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Stories are not created and even if someone tries to come up with some story to inspire the world, there is always another real story behind. Inspiration always comes from a real-life story, no matters it’s about breast cancer awareness, fight for the basic rights or something else. All such stories open new dimensions for an individual to move forward.

Story of a Former Olympic Gymnast:
Jacquie Beltrao a former Olympic gymnast and sky news presenter has revealed her story of breast cancer. She is a determined lady who actually defeated this menace. She was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2013. Being a former athlete she was very fit and she never thought of having any such disease. She herself told that initially her attitude was very awry and she became more self-conscious but after the completion of a successful treatment her attitude has become as good as it couldn’t be ever. She got very disappointed response from some individual when she posted about her fight against breast cancer over twitter but she remained steadfast.

“I am so lucky. I have beaten this, I’m in remission. It has made me realize that life is for enjoying to the full. I feel I’ve been given a second chance. I used to get stressed about work. Now I don’t bother. Why waste time like that? “It’s quite liberating.” Jacquie elaborated.

She also emphasized on the need to promote breast cancer awareness. Back in December 2013 she observed a pea sized lump in one of her breasts. She went through initial tests, screening and ultrasound soon after she realized the issue. She was very fortunate as the confirmed results of all the testing procedures showed that her cancer is in its initial or early stage and can be treated. She and her husband have decided to keep it a secret from their children for now.

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She explained that how much she was worried for her children. She feared that she might die or about her appearance that she is going to be bald. The fight was long and courageous though but she remained intact with positivity. There were many disenchantments as well but as she decided to cope with all. Eventually she defeated breast cancer. She is now so much motivated to spread the words of breast cancer awareness. She has become an ambassador of a charity fund as well.

“I thought ‘another year done and I am fine”

That’s all you can hope for. If the cancer does come back I will fight it, she beautifully described her feelings



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