Research In The Field Of Breast Cancer What’s New?

breast cancer research

Most of us know about the basic information about breast cancer and are well acquainted with breast cancer care phenomenon but still there is need to get more and more knowledge about the disease and related things. New researches have been made in this specific during the past few years. All of these researches are about the causes, prevention, diagnosis and the treatment as did earlier, but the main point is that something has been included for the sake of health of every individual.

 You know the causes of breast cancer

One formula is almost applicable for all the basic health concerns and that is to change the living habits. It includes the eating habits, lifestyle and physical activity guidelines. All such studies are made on the basis of genetic testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2 transformations.  The study based on the hypothesis that if a mother or sister is having this disease what will be the chances for other family members especially the other sisters to get into this disease. Researchers and scientists are also trying to find out the link between the gene variation factor and its effects on the risks for someone to get this disease. Environmental changes have also been included in the research procedure and are linked with the causes of breast cancer. In many countries their environmental research centers and institutes are also working along with the scientists to detect the potential causes linked with the environment.

The preventing measures

Prevention is the best way to if it is done timely. There are certain medicines which can lessen the risks of breast cancer. The scientists are also working to maintain and detect the effective medicines in order to get the chemo prevention. These are actually the supportive methods along with the basic lifestyle and other changes.

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What to do about DCIS?

DCIS proved to be the invasive sort of cancer. They main thing about this cancer is the selection of treatment. One has to check the severity of the cancer cells. Can medicines treat it or not? Decision will surely be on the basis of tests for detecting the stage of the disease.

The detection methodology

Few new methods have been adopted to detect the breast cancer. These methods include the laboratory tests as well as the imaging tests. Study showed that particularly in women cancer cells may be separated from the tumor and circulate in the blood stream. Lab tests can give a very accurate finding about these cells found in the blood. If we discuss about the innovation with regards to imaging tests regarding breast cancer screening, molecular breast imaging is an effective method. In this technique a somewhat radioactive tracer is injected into a vein. This is further attached to breast cancer cells. A special camera use to detect the issue.

 Ultimately the Treatment

There are so many new treatments to deal with the breast cancer in a body. They include,

Oncoplastic surgery

New chemotherapy drugs

Targeted therapies



Vitamin D




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