Risk factors Involved In Breast Cancer


Health and Vigor can be affected by many factors, and peculiarly the factors that are allied with diseases or even the end of life. These all are not something called enigma but risk factors. Breast cancer also has so many risk factors.  These factors are not limited.  All have a separate entity however they damage the health of a person collectively with more intensity because when they are operational they work as a joining force and often cohabit and intermingle with each other.


Assessing risk factors in case of breast cancer

Your personal observations matter a lot but it shouldn’t be just restricted to such findings. Breast Cancer Examination Device by Breastlight can help out you in a very comprehensive way with regards to the early detection of breast cancer.

Segregation of risk factors

These factors can be characterized as following…


Comportment risk factors

These factors are truly related to someone’s personal attitude and activities but the real good in it that you can control such factors by making changes in your routine life and also change your living style.   So what we need to do here…

  • smoking
  • Consumption of drugs
  • Junk or unhygienic food
  • Remain inactive physically

Biomedical risk factors

Such factors may be inclined by an intermingling of hereditary, your living style and other factors too. They include….

  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes

Ecological risk factors

Environmental based factors of health include a wide range of subjects, and can be riven into two further categories.

  • Social, financial, traditional and radical
  • Physical, biochemical and organic

Genomic risk factors

Some diseases, such as cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy are totally inherited one whereas many others replicate the contact between many factors.

There are three groups of such disorders:

  • single gene disorders, for example, hemophilia;
  • chromosomal abnormalities, for example, Down syndrome; and
  • Diseases like asthma that involved so many reasons.

You can also know more about breast cancer risk factor from below article as well

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Initial risk factors which may cause breast cancer

Demographic risk factors

Demographic issues include age, gender, and populations. It comprises of factors like,

  • The number of deaths increases with a rising in ages, with 81% of all deaths from heart failure occurring among those aged 75 and over.
  • A woman’s risk of evolving breast cancer before age 75 is 1 in 11, whereas for men the chance is only 1 in 1,426.
  • People living near the continent of Australia far more likely to die from rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease than other Australians.


If we talk about risk factor then it can be anything that intensifies your chance of  getting a disease. Different cancers have different risk factors. For instance, by direct  exposing, your skin to strong sunlight is a factor for skin cancer. The most prominent   risk factor for cancer of lungs, mouth, larynx, bladder, kidney, and numerous other   organs is smoking.

This is surely not the limit. If you are fronting such factors or many others e it doesn’t mean you will surely get a disease like breast cancer.  It is always difficult to get aware how much these factors might have underwritten. Yes you can at least examine yourself and new breast cancer screening device initiated by Breastlight is something really unique and constructive



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