The Unfold Story Of A Breast Cancer Patient

We surely go through different phases of life and these phases come along many changes in the life and for this reason the surroundings around you. No one wants to go through the critical phase of life whether it’s due to some disease or other sufferings. In a woman’s life there comes so many occasions when she has to go through pain and misery but breast cancer is the most painful thing one can ever go through.

I Am A Hope Myself:

There must be several stories around us regarding the breast cancer and living with this menace. You must have noticed the different categories of women. There is one category is which women use to try different breast cancer awareness device for personal satisfaction and for the early breast cancer diagnosis but there is another category in which women are least bother about their breast health which is actually criminal.

Here is a story of a breast cancer aware woman published in Huffington post back in 2014. Bershan Shaw was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33 in 2007. This diagnosis shattered all of her dreams. The irony of the whole scenario was the timing as she came to know about the disease few days before her marriage with the indication of stage four breast cancer and very few chances of survival.” It’s been over now”, these might be the words Bershan could abruptly think of but she was a warrior and it never let her get defeated by this disease.  The most important thing was the support of the family members and her husband. She remained steadfast with a fighting spirit. She has decided to go through the treatment procedures. She actually changed her life style and eating habits.  Her belief was very strong that the life which she is expecting to go though is not the one she was born for. Here the concept of indulging the use of breast cancer awareness device comes up more strongly which enables you to get aware of the breast cancer symptoms early. Today Bershan is helping out all those who are suffering from the same disease and struggling with life. She is an inspiration for women around the world.

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