Whims Of A Breast Cancer Survivor

It is always very much encouraging and gives immense pleasure when you see some cancer survivor work for others in order to lessen their sufferings and to disseminate the information which can avert the dangerous situations. In case of cancer related to breast, breast cancer screening becomes essential. When we talk about breast health and awareness this particular element of screening can’t be neglected.

Karla Baptiste is one of the survivors who diagnosed with stage III breast cancer soon after she received her MBA degree. She was above the world like many others and was thinking that best is yet to come but unfortunately she met with this tragic happening. She said that she was having no regrets as she was following her dreams and achieved some of them. Living in Paris was one of those dreams which she attained. She always wanted to become an author. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer she actually started reading the memoirs regarding breast cancer. All in her mind was to know about what will happen next, which was quite natural. During her treatment she started writing her own memoir by the name of, Dig in Your Heels: The Glamorous (and Not So) Glamorous Life of a Young Breast Cancer Survivor for inspiration of many others around. In 2014 when she was going to get her memoir published on the occasion of her 5th cancer free life anniversary, she got to know that the cancer has returned to her spine and now its stage IV cancer.

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Baptiste remained determined even after the recurrence of cancer in the other part of her body. She went out in the public for fund raising so she becomes able to publish her memoir. She got a very positive and huge response from the masses.

Apart from inspirational factor for other women around the purpose behind the publishing of this memoir was to earn money for establishment of an oncology center at her father’s birth place, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. “I know what it’s like to go through a cancer battle and it’s important to receive care close to your loved ones and not have to worry about added expenses. Having cancer is burden enough.” She revealed. She also emphasized on the need of breast cancer screening and this center is actually a part of this pivotal agenda. We all should wish her good luck.



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