Why To Use Breastlight?

As everyone knows about the menace of breast cancer being the most common threat among women around the world. There was certainly need to lessen the risk factors as well as finding the ways to get the first hand information about the disease. For sure, many tips and strategies were introduced to tackle the several risks as per the condition of the patient and still research in this regard is on its way. On the other hand in order to get the early and prompt information about the breast cancer emphasis was given on detection of the disease and that too as soon as possible. This device was developed after the acknowledgement of this need of early detection.

Some Historical Facts:

It is a British product as it has been produced in UK. According to a survey which was conducted back in 2010, the product has been used by 3,000 women in the UK whereas 3,500 women have used it globally. It contains a very bright light to see deep into blood vessels of the breast to detect the abnormal dark spots which could be the tumor. This initial detection opens a way towards some further detection and procedures.

The Clinical Trials:

There have been many clinical trials which were conducted from time to time and still are in progress to check the accuracy of the magical powers that it contains.  In this regard back in June 2010 on the occasion of 12th Milan Breast Cancer Conference some facts were presented after the clinical trials which were conducted at Sunderland City Hospital. The trails included 300 women and before their brief clinical assessment women were examined with Breastlight so to compare it with the Mammograms, ultrasounds or any other standard procedure later. It was seen that Breastlight was very much pertinent in finding the malignant disease and benign abnormalities which were also confirmed with the other mentioned clinical procedures. The data presented at the conference also included the ratio of the trails which were later proved as positive. It showed that 12 out of 18 women were detected with malignant tumors with the use of this magical device and later were confirmed after biopsy whereas 240 cases were declared negative by using of this breast screening device and also after using any other procedure and the accuracy percentage was about 85.  Here it was also mentioned that all the tumors were 7mm in size so hence proved that the tumors much smaller than this would not be detected. Another very important point which has been raised on the occasion was regarding the affectivity of the product on women with different ages and density of their breasts. The presented data showed that women with all the ages, density and even the health conditions have benefited from the trails. The sensitivity and specificity of the trails had the same percentage which is actually required in screening for breast cancer.

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15220167_385639645112119_4618476393708470179_n“We were impressed with the sensitivity and specificity of this device. To put these figures in perspective, mammography sensitivity tends to be between 60% and 90%. Breastlight was 67%. The specificity, which indicates the accuracy in confirming a negative result, was 85% with it. For mammography, specificity ranges between 75% and 95%. This doesn’t mean that Breastlight should in any way replace mammography but it does tell us that this can reliably pick up abnormal lumps which can be further investigated to assess whether benign or malignant,” said Mr Matei Dordea, specialist registrar at Sunderland City Hospital.



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