Check Abnormalities
Breast Screening Device

Check Breast Abnormalities

Breast cancer impacts women every day, not just during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Buy now to check and live healthy.

Breast self-examination screening device to check abnormalities


Breastlight provides a help through breast screening routine and give you a clear understanding of your breast.

It can be used on all skin colors and sizes but the light intensity may need to be adjusted to suit your size and color.
Our tests are used by healthcare professionals around the world. Click here to see some more questions for your assistance.

Breastlight is a new health and well being product for women.

Breastlight™ is an innovative way for women to understand their own breast health in the comfort of their own home. It gives women a clear view inside their breast tissue to view any abnormalities developing over time. We call this Enlightened Breast Awareness.


About The Breastlight !

An Affordable Compact Device For Use By Women In Home


What is Breastlight ?

Breastlight allows you a clear view of your breasts. Using harmless and yet extremely powerful LED lights to penetrate through the breast tissue delivering a translucent effect.


Breast Abnormalities

If you notice a dark cluster/dark mass then it is possible that these areas are abnormalities in the breast and should be assessed without delay by a medical professional such as a GP.


How Does It Work

Breastlight’s powerful red light will penetrate through the Breast tissue and should reveal shadow lines which are the veins and blood vessels carrying blood normally throughout the breast itself.


New LED Technology

Recent advances in LED Technology have enabled PWB Health to develop the Breastlight, an affordable, compact device for use by women in the home. It s designed to be a valuable aid to a women’s personal breast awareness.

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Crucially, Breastlight is not a diagnostic device so in the event that you discovered a Breast abnormality by using it the most important thing is not to panic and seek advice from your GP at the earliest opportunity for diagnosis. An abnormality detected using Breastlight may turn out to be something harmless but the fact that it has been detected gives you the earliest opportunity to solve the issue should it be something more sinister.

If in any doubt whatsoever about the results of using Breastlight seek the support of a medical professional such as your GP.

Firstly let us congratulate you on your Breast Awareness and commitment to your own Breast Health. Secondly, we believe that Mammograms are the best form of detection for disease such as Breast Cancer and Breastlight should not act as a substitute for this form of detection. However, a lot can change in 6 months. Because you can use Breastlight in the comfort of your own home anytime you have complete vision and control of your breast health. What this means is that if you want peace of mind 1 week, 10 days or 2 months after your mammogram you can use your Breastlight and book in an earlier GP appointment if you find anything of any concern.

What People are saying ...

Breastlight has given me a deeper understanding of my own internal health. I am now passionate about breast checking regularly and I am confident I will spot an issue earlier thanks to using Breastlight.


I was unsure what to expect, but the manual and instructional videos are excellent. I quickly began using Breastlight regularly and now feel I have a comprehensive understanding of my own breast health.


This product is so affordable and could save your life. I can’t believe I hesitated so long before buying one! You won’t regret owning a Breastlight – it has changed my life.


Really helpful tool in knowing any signs of abnormality in breast tissues. Easy to use, handy and best suitable for self examination. Highly recommended everyone should use this if feel some abnormalities.


After my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I felt very concerned I may carry the same gene and would suffer a similar fate. Myself, and my sister, heard about Breastlight and we have been using them for 18 months. My sister recently did find a mass with her Breastlight but had a biopsy and – thankfully – the mass was benign. We are both so grateful to have Breastlight for extra reassurance.


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