Breastlight Not Merely a Torch But Guidance For Thousands Of Women Around the World

Breastlight Not Merely a Torch But Guidance For Thousands Of Women Around the World

You can’t comment about any peculiar product until and unless you haven’t used that, and if you do comment that it can be your illusion only. You can’t tell about the taste of any food without tasting it. Some people have a disposition to live in dreams all the time and away from reality. Whenever you are opposing or defending a statement you need to be very much specific as well as need references as a proof of the said statement. Everyone needs to understand that when it comes to breast self-screening device like Breastlight. It helpful for the early screening that actually provides you a way forward to avoid any further damages. It is also an evident fact that few people are using media as a tool to prevail false or individual based statements for seeking popularity or getting some benefits.

I have read an Article on daily mail about Breastlight device and that instigated me to write back. I went through the website of the said device and things have started in a right direction.

The writer mentioned that PWB health (the one who are behind the birth of this product) has recommended this device as an early screening weapon.

Yes, they did because it gives you an indication of any abnormalities but don’t stop you for further checkup and mammography. The number of selling product mentioned in the articles was more than 20,000 and that too in the year 2006 whereas the company introduced this product in the market to sale out on 18th of July 2008 as there was some legal bounding. Manufacture of this product has had distributors around the world for the circulation and distribution of the product.

Women feel reluctant or scary when it comes to checking out their breast so this device not only provides a chance of self-exam but also you get to know about your breast and can notice any change or lump etc.

I met many women who are too much satisfied with the product. This early screening device has enabled them to at least know about initial findings. Here I would like to mention an article of daily telegraph by Victoria Lambert. She quoted a reference

Doctor Sarah Burnett, consultant radiologist at King Edward VII Hospital, London, a Breastlight is not a substitute for a mammography, but it is a useful resource. “It works by shining a light through breast tissue,”  she explains. “The red light illuminates the red blood cells so that they appear black. Practically, it means you can see all the blood vessels in the breast clearly, like a road map.” She further mentioned that”According to breast-cancer nurses, 88 % of women were “confident” in the Breastlight, and 84% found it easy to use”.

There may be many other things to share but the reason behind writing this article was to support the women who are thinking to use Breastlight or they are already using it. Why to scare them as they already are too much conscious about. Think before you write and your thinking should be based on the solid grounds not the spongy pathways.


I was scared enough as my mother died because of breast cancer but when I visited doctor after initial findings by using the device he comforted me enough. Highly recommended Breastlight – for early screening.


I can highly recommend this device its really easy to use and pain free.I was recommended it by a friend who was told by a Cancer Nurse that if they could give one to every woman in the UK it would drastically increase the rate of Breast Cancer Survival because of the early screening that the device provides.


Its a really good device . I personally use this device without any hesitation to check my breast at home.


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