Breastlight War Against Breast Cancer Awareness With a Way Forward

Breastlight War Against Breast Cancer Awareness With a Way Forward

A powerful torch with a bright-red beam, shown to be effective in screening malignant breast tumors could be the answer to anyone worried about the effectiveness of self-examination. It’s nothing else but Brest light self-examination only possible by using Breast Cancer Screening Device or in other words economically a cheap breast screening device. This statement would be more powerful after having a glimpse of Breastlight device reviews.

The Breastlight, a hand-held device which emits a safe, LED-powered light, picked up 67% of malignant tumors in a trial conducted at Sunderland City Hospital. A previous trial was conducted in Ghana by a charity which has been using Breastlight as part of their screening process when examining women in rural areas. The results were published in 2009 at the 2nd Annual African Breast Cancer Conference in Cairo, Egypt, and reported a success rate of 96%. Mammography’s typically pick up between 60 to 85% of cancers. The torch can even spot tiny lumps – as small as 7mm – which are not considered large enough to be felt during a physical examination.

A Breastlight as a part of the awareness campaign has been marking a new horizon of success in the field of medical health. For more elaboration, I am going to mention some other statements as Breastlight screening device reviews. These statements are actually the representation of hundreds and thousands of the users.

According to Doctor Sarah Burnett, consultant radiologist at King Edward VII Hospital, London,

Breastlight is a useful resource. "It works by shining a light through breast tissue," she explains. "The red light illuminates the red blood cells so that they appear black. Practically, it means you can see all the blood vessels in the breast clearly as a road-map. When a tumor takes hold in the breast, a new blood vessel grows to feed it.

The Breastlight would show that up as a dark patch long before you could feel it as a lump through the skin."The user stands in a darkened room, holding the torch underneath and to the side of their breast, against the skin. The beam lights up the tissue which appears red, so you can see the network of blood vessels (which appear black) that spread through the breast very clearly.

In a healthy breast, these look like slender, wiggly lines and every woman will have a different number. A tumor would show up as a dark spot or area attached to a blood vessel. You don't need to remember how your breast looks each month just to watch out for dark patches attached to blood vessels. It’s not a difficult task as it is possible by Breastlight self-examination and can Buy Breast Cancer Device Online. Figures from the Sunderland City Hospital study back this up. According to breast-cancer nurses, 88% of women were "confident" in the Breastlight and 84% found it easy to use.

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