Genetic Factors of Breast Cancer

Genetic Factors of Breast Cancer

Genetic factors of breast cancer can be avoided. They are like the reality of life. No one can deny them. There are several things or elements that need the proper attention of every individual. Breast cancer examination can further verify the situation.

Family History:

Those women who have a family history of breast cancer they have more chances of developing breast cancer than other women. In the same way, few families have intense or severe risks of being into a disease like cancer due to their medical history. In such families, more than one person can have cancer and may develop this cancer at a very young age too. In the case of inherited breast cancer can be segregated in two groups mainly.

  • BRCA1
  • BRCA2

Both can challenges life badly and further can prove to be very much dangerous. Such Transformations in these genes can be shifted through either the maternal or paternal side of the family.

Apart from these two genes, there are also many others though they are rare. But can found, such as

  • ATM
  • CDH1
  • CHEK2
  • MRE11A
  • NBN
  • p53 (also called the TP53 gene)
  • PALB2
  • PTEN
  • RAD50
  • RINT1

Breast Compactness:

Breast figure refers to the degree of glandular and connective tissue present in the breast. Breasts with more glandular and connective tissue and less fat have better density. On the other hand, Women with progressive breast density have an immense risk of having breast cancer. Another fact is that breast with high density also create some difficulties like it makes detection very challenging procedure because with such breasts it’s not easy to detect breast cancer.

Already a breast Cancer Fighter:

When you come to know about the presence of Brest cancer in one of your breasts then you should be more cautious about the other breast. Woman with breast cancer should be more particular about breast screening on a frequent basis. Even if a woman has symptoms that can proceed towards breast cancer is at risk of having breast cancer.

Menstrual and Generative History :

This is also a very important factor that can’t be neglected. Early menstruation (before age 12), late menopause (after 55) all matters a lot when we talk about breast cancer .if you have your first child at an older age, or never you never have given birth to a child these situations also increases the risk of breast cancer.

Things to Remember :

You need to have a look of your routine especially if you are having such rudiments present around you

  • If you have breast cancer in your blood relations
  • Apart from breast cancer if there are other gland-related cancers in your family such as pancreatic, colon, and thyroid cancers.
  • Any woman in the family with breast cancer in both of her breasts can also be alarming
  • If you are living in the area with such cases around.

If a man happened to have breast cancer in your family.

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