Breastlight Focus On Research:

Evaluated performance of Breastlight apparatus in detection breast of masses with this in mind, Click to see more latest articles.

Tool for Early Detection of Breast Lesions

Breast illumination was suggested as a simple method for breast cancer screening.BreastLight is a simple apparatus for this purpose.To evaluate the diagnostic performance of BreastLight as a screening tool of breast cancer. Read more

We evaluated performance of BreastLight apparatus in detection breast of masses with this in mind. Read more

Screening for Breast Cancer Using Breast illumination Technique

Breast cancer (BC) is a disease affecting both developed and developing countries and ranks as the fifth cause of death from cancer overall. Read more

Clinical Evidence Of Breastlight

Mammography is currently the gold standard for the imaging of the breast and digital processing has further strengthened its role. However its value in screening dense breasts is more limited. Read more

Ghana Study "Breastlight"

This project was designed to scientifically evaluate and assess the level of awareness of Breast Cancer among Ghanaian women (both literate and illiterate).

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Accuracy of Breastlight

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in Iraq and is the leading cause of death among women.The poor survival reflects the limited public awareness.

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New breastlightTM data confirms accuracy in detecting malignant tumours In a trial of 300 women breastlightTM detected malignancies as small as 7mm London. 

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Tool for Early Detection of Breast Lesions

Designed to be used in the home, women are encouraged to use an LED light to look out for and remember changes in their breasts.

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