Breast Cancer

Early Breast Cancer Screening – An Obligatory Finding

Breast cancer is the most common Cancer in the UK. The figures show that about one in nine women in the area are facing this tragedy. Breast cancer can occur in men, but this is very much rare.

This aliment seems to be an identifying phenomenon and the percentage of success stories is also rising. During the past decade, deaths from breast cancer have fallen by 20 per cent.

How Breast Cancer Develops:

Breast cancer develops in the milk-producing glands in the breast, the passages or ducts that deliver milk to the nipples. If left untreated, some breast cancers can spread into the surrounding tissue and other parts of the body.

Most cases showed a lump in breasts through routine screening with mammography. Nine out of ten lumps weren’t dangerous, but for further satisfaction one need to consult the doctor.

Breastlight Cancer Awareness Programs:

You can help yourself as much as possible by being breast aware. As soon you find an unusual change do visit you doctor. It is generally understood that mammograms are not as effective in pre-menopausal women as the density of the breast tissue makes it more difficult to detect problems. The average age of the menopause in the UK is 50, which is why this is the earliest age eligible for free screening. Women with a strong family history may be offered screening before 50.

Breast Cancer Risk Associated To Age: 

According to Cancer Research UK, the risk of developing breast cancer is strongly linked to age – nearly three-quarters of cases occur in women over 65. However, a recent Breast Cancer Care poll showed that 6 out of 10 women are unaware of this fact and, whilst free screening is still available to women aged over 70 upon request but still only 25% of this age group took up this opportunity according to a survey.

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