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I was scared enough as my mother died because of breast cancer but when I visited doctor after initial findings by using the device he comforted me enough. Highly recommended Breastlight – for early screening.

Founder & CEO
Friday, Sep 28, 2018

I can highly recommend this device its really easy to use and pain free.I was recommended it by a friend who was told by a Cancer Nurse that if they could give one to every woman in the UK it would drastically increase the rate of Breast Cancer Survival because of the early screening that the device provides.

Journalist, UK
28 January 2015

Its a really good device . I personally use this device without any hesitation to check my breast at home.

Wed, April 04,2018

I am a student aged 21 and would never have considered using this until recently & having a family bereavement through cancer.It shouldn't take tragedy to wake people up,unfortunately it did for me. I am the type of person doesn't go to the doctors much and I like my privacy so breastlight is perfect for me. This is a great device and has now become part of my self examination routine and I would recommend it to everyone.

Bekki Lowndes
Saturday, January 07,2017