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Case Studies

India Gynaecologist patient aged 47 – Agra

Previous fibrous tissue

Visited Gynaecologist for routine check-up.  No abnormalities on initial clinical breast exam

Breastlight used as additional tool. Shadow seen & subsequent deep palpation on area detected lump

After biopsy, diagnosed with early stage breast cancer

Treatment successful

Earlier detection

Jeanette aged 45 – UK User Study

Detected lump after self palpation. Checked with her breastlight, saw shadow.

GP referred to consultant

After mammogram & ultrasound no biopsy required. Confirmed as not cancerous

Used Breastlight regularly to monitor and could see shadow shrinking

Decreased anxiety as can see improvement

Dorothy Aged 50 – UK User study

Saw shadow when using Breastlight, unable to feel any lump.

Went to GP, also unable to palpate anything.

Referred to symptomatic clinic.

After Biopsy, diagnosed with early stage breast cancer.

Had mastectomy (due to other health issues).

Breast cancer survivor.