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“I didn’t know what to expect to be honest. I originally thought that Breastlight would ‘print out’ the results for me to look at but I quickly realised this was not the case. As soon as I shone the light underneath my breast it made my breast glow and I saw results instantly right in front of me.”

Paula, 50

“Read the instructions!!! I treated Breastlight a bit like every other item I buy and didn’t really know what I was looking for which didn’t start me off well. Once I’d read through them and knew what I was looking for (or rather wasn’t looking for!) I found it really easy to use.”

Emma, 31

“I’ve not really checked myself that often anyway but I know I need to. I know that I’m supposed to look for a lump or bump but I couldn’t find anything when I did my hand check before using Breastlight so I assumed everything must be ok but by using Breastlight and being able to see inside my breast it reassured me that everything beneath the surface was clear too.”

Lauren, 24

“I’ m a bit of a worrier. You hear that much in the news about women who check themselves regularly with no visible issues and then go for a mammogram and something shows up. I was confident that Breastlight would put my mind at ease and I can say that after using Breastlight thoroughly; I wasn’t disappointed.”

Maxine, 41

“Everyone has been affected by this disease. We know that the earlier it’s detected the better. Something like Breastlight that’ll help identify a problem earlier, is just wonderful.”

Fawn Leith, Family Nurse

“Using Breastlight may increase confidence in women’s own breast assessment and their ability to communicate with their own doctors.”

Dr Sarah Burnett, consultant radiologist and former breast cancer patient

“When you do self-examination , quite often people have lumpy breasts or it depends on the time of the month. With the Breastlight, you can back-up what you’re feeling & looking at – it’s extra reassurance.”

Becky Wheeldon, Prison Nurse

“It will be very useful when dealing with women who have recurrent benign cysts. Breastlight will also be very helpful for women with lumpy breasts who have difficulty with palpation.”

GP at Women’s Health Symposium, October 2008

“It’s about knowing your body well and Breastlight enables you to see that one stage further.”

Leiva Nation, Specialist Breast Nurse

“It appears that Breastlight is effective in the detection of malignant tumours and in some cases can differentiate between malignant and benign disease. This device will prove to be of particular value to women who experience difficulty in self examination – for example those with a history of recurrent cysts.”

Mr Obi Iwuchukwu, Consultant Breast Surgeon, Sunderland City Hospital

“It appears that this device does not cause unnecessary anxiety, nor is it likely to result in a number of false positives. It could prove useful for younger women who do not benefit from routine mammogram testing and often have more aggressive cancers.”

Jayant Vaidya, Consultant Breast Surgeon, UCLH